Company History

1901. Oil is discovered in Texas. The Chicago White Sox beat the Cleveland Blues, 8 to 2, in the very first American League baseball game. And to the relief of men everywhere, Gillette introduces the disposable razor. It’s safe to say the world has changed since then. But one thing hasn’t: our commitment to constant improvement and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

Bernard W. Norton establishes a small custom tool shop in Oakland, California, making custom-stamped metal parts for local industries.
The company begins to serve the many small automobile manufacturers springing up along the West Coast. It would soon make parts for the first gyrocopters and mass-produced metal street signs.
Norton Packaging is commissioned to manufacture license plates for the western United States and some of the Pacific Islands.
Howard C. Norton (Bernard’s son) transitions the company from its original product lines into the mass production of steel pails.
In order to better serve Southern California and the southwestern United States, Norton opens a sales office and a warehouse in the greater Los Angeles area.
The third generation of the Norton family expands the business by purchasing an injection molding machine to produce plastic pails.
Norton Packaging becomes one of the nation’s leading suppliers of containers—adding product lines, expanding into new markets, and investing in state-of-the-art equipment. Norton exports to the People’s Republic of China and Southeast Asia, including Singapore and Vietnam.
Growing to meet its customer needs, Norton Packaging establishes a distribution center in Hamlet, Indiana, and begins producing pails there just one year later.
Norton Packaging opens a new production/administration facility in its Los Angeles location 102 years after the company’s founding.
Norton Packaging operates two state-of-the-art plants in Los Angeles and Hamlet, Indiana. In addition, the company has broken ground on a third best-in-class facility in Monticello, Georgia, to serve its customers throughout the southeastern US as well as in Puerto Rico and Europe.