Paints + Coatings

With more than 80 years as a leading supplier to the paint and coating industry, we’re intimately familiar with its unique packaging needs. Our complete product line includes:

  • Open-head pails with tear-tab covers
  • Self-manufactured tint plugs and screw caps
  • Hybrid quart and gallon paint cans with self-manufactured tin rings and plugs

Our deep knowledge of the injection molding process enables us to achieve superior precision performance for Environmental Stress-Cracking Resistance (ESCR) characteristics, which helps us deliver unmatched structural integrity. Indeed, we maintain strict adherence to ASTM D1975 Open Head Pail ESCR test protocols.

Our aligned raw material purchasing and injection-molding process has been carefully refined to meet the demands of paint and coating/building material heavy-pack characteristics. Our standardized design and mold consistency guarantees that our pails can easily withstand the rigors of today’s high-speed automated lines. And our superior pail decoration capabilities, with in-house support, mean we can deliver multiple SKUs exactly where and when you need them.

We’ve long been committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes. In fact, we lead the way in combining sustainability with durability, as evidenced by the proven field performance of our source-reduced five-gallon open-head pail.