Quality Assurance

To us, quality is more than a promise. It’s the very core of our company. We spare no effort in ensuring that every Norton product meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

As part of our process, we undergo rigorous quality testing to meet UN standards for Performance-Oriented Packaging.

This effort includes:

Drop Test
To ensure containment and protect against materials’ leaking or escaping if the package is dropped.

Leakproof  Test
To ensure that the packaging will not leak or permit liquids to escape as a result of the normal buildup of air pressure.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test
To ensure that the packaging will not leak under fluid pressure.

Stack Test
To ensure the ability of the packaging to remain intact and hold its contents under normal stacking conditions, including our in-house dynamic-compression testing equipment.

As a result of our ongoing commitment, we are an industry leader for UN liquid packaging. In fact, we have a 30-year supplier relationship with Ecolab, the world’s leading cleanser manufacturer and supplier. We are also in the process of achieving Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) certification, the recognized gold standard for global food safety and quality.


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